Verdilune is the culmination of 25 years of creating jewelry. My pieces are a recollection of the childhood memories of a New England summer: the high-pitched cicada's song, catching fireflies in jars at dusk, & discovering hermit crabs at low tide.  There are fairytales, folk tales, vintage bits & bobs, and the magical art of the children's picture books I still collect. The thrill of the unexplained (life on Mars? Loch Ness monster?), fascination with what lies on the other side (seances, Ouija boards) and the awe inspired by stargazing.

The majority of Verdilune pieces are formed from sterling silver, copper, or brass sheet.  I also create jewelry from colorful vintage tins, like those you may remember in you Grandmother's cupboard.  My work is often one-of-a-kind, and inspired by amazing semi-precious gemstones I source directly from independent stone cutters.  Many pieces incorporate hand-stamped designs and textures, etched copper and brass, as well as torch fired patinas and enameling. 

My pieces are a bridge between innocence & nostalgia, in a world where both are increasingly hard to find.  Each piece is a reminder to see beauty as we did as children. Verdilune pieces are talismans for each of us; a memento of all the influences that make us the women we are today.  More importantly, each piece is designed to remind us that it is so important to continue to expose ourselves to new experiences and to be open to possibilities.