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Verdilune is not just a jewelry collection; it's the culmination of 30 years dedicated to the art of crafting pieces that transcend time. It's a journey back to the enchanting memories of a New England summer, where the high-pitched cicada's song, capturing fireflies at dusk, and discovering hermit crabs at low tide shaped the tapestry of childhood. Drawing inspiration from fairytales, folk tales, vintage treasures, and the magical allure of children's picture books, Verdilune captures the essence of innocence and nostalgia.

The heart of Verdilune beats in sterling silver, copper, and brass sheet, & colorful vintage tins like the ones found in your grandmother's cupboard. Each piece is a unique creation, often inspired by the mesmerizing semi-precious gemstones directly sourced from independent stone cutters. Hand-stamped designs, textured surfaces, etched copper, brass, torch-fired patinas, and enameling are woven into the fabric of every creation.

Verdilune's jewelry is more than adornment; it's a bridge between innocence and nostalgia in a world where both are increasingly elusive. Each piece serves as a reminder to see beauty through the eyes of a child, invoking the thrill of the unexplained, the fascination with the unknown, and the awe inspired by stargazing.

These pieces are talismans, mementos of the influences that shape the women we are today. More importantly, each design is a call to embrace new experiences and be open to possibilities. Verdilune is a celebration of individuality, a connection to the past, and an ode to the importance of continuing to explore, learn, and grow. With each piece, we carry a piece of the magic that makes us who we are, inspiring us to see the world with wonder and grace.